There’s a reason dentures have been around so long. They are a reliable way to replace teeth. Yet they are far from an ideal solution. Many dentures wearers have suffered embarrassment due to loose teeth or had to skip some of their favorite foods. For many folks, implant dentures are a better way to get their smile back. 

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In the meantime, check out some of the advantages of these replacement teeth:

  • They Won’t Slip or Shift – If you wear dentures now, you know suction doesn’t always keep them in place on its own. You sometimes need adhesive. Even then, dentures can come loose. When dentures are attached to dental implants, they will stay in place. You’ll find it easier to socialize, with no worries about loose dentures.
  • They Will Keep Your Jaw Strong – Losing teeth means losing their roots. You may not know it, but roots stimulate the bone in your jaw. This helps you avoid the bone loss that causes your jaw to shrink and makes you look older. Once they’re inserted into your jaw, implants behave a lot like tooth roots. They will keep your jaw in great shape. 
  • You Can Eat What You Want – You lose quite a bit of bite strength with standard dentures. With dental implants, your bite is almost as strong as it was before you lost teeth. So you’ll be able to eat more kinds of food, including crisp apples and similar treats. 
  • Caring for Them Is Simple – You can choose implant dentures that you can remove for cleaning or teeth that stay in place until your dentist removes them for maintenance. With the latter type, you’ll just brush and floss like you always have. Plus, since you won’t lose bone mass in your jaw, your dentures won’t loosen over time. So you won’t need relining procedures to maintain the fit. 

You can feel confident coming to our Houston, TX office for your implant procedure. Our dentists use computer-guided placement to ensure optimal results. If you lack the bone density needed, we can perform a bone graft right in our office to get you ready for implants. We can also extract teeth, if needed. Unlike many practices we offer three kinds of sedation: laughing gas, oral sedative, or IV sedation. So you can use the one that is right for the level of anxiety you feel. 

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