Sedation Options Say Goodbye To Dental Fear!
  • Relax with three methods of soothing sedation
  • Trust your care to your skilled dentist & staff
  • We’re open for early morning appointments

Get Easier Dental Care With Sedation Options in Houston, TX

All of us at Copperfield Dentistry want you to know that it’s okay if you’re nervous about visiting the dentist. Many people experience dental anxiety, so you’re definitely not alone if you do, too. To help our nervous patients, we offer several sedation options in Houston that will make your treatment more pleasant. In addition, our office features:

  • Advanced, patient-friendly technology that ensures comfortable care
  • Amenities like soft blankets, TVs, and headphones
  • A compassionate staff who will listen to your concerns and answer your questions
  • A skilled dental team with extensive experience helping patients relax

We invite you to experience relaxing dental care here. Call us at 281-643-0316 today to schedule your appointment. We open at 7 a.m. four days a week. Some patients feel less anxiety if they can visit our office early in the morning.

Feel Calm With the Right Kind of Relaxation for Your Anxiety Level

We understand that going to the dentist may not be at the top of your list of fun things to do. To alleviate your dental anxiety, you can take your pick from three types of sedation:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a sweet-smelling gas that will give you a head-to-toe feeling of relaxation in a few short minutes. Soon, the thought of dental care won’t bother you at all. Afterward, you’ll be able to drive yourself home with no problem.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – For a deeper level of sedation, we can prescribe a small anti-anxiety pill that you’ll take as directed ahead of your treatment. By the time you’re seated in our chair, you’ll be relaxed and at ease. You’ll need a trusted friend or family member to drive you home after your appointment.
  • IV Sedation – Dr. Burch is licensed to administer intravenous sedation, our strongest type of sedation. Most patients feel like they have been asleep and do not remember much about the procedure. Someone will need to drive you home after your visit.

Come in soon and be treated to a different kind of dentistry using our Houston sedation options. Call the team at Copperfield Dentistry today at 281-643-0316, or schedule online.

Common Questions About Sedation Options

Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

We offer three kinds of sedation, which means you’ll find one that can relax you for any treatment. We know your feelings about a dental cleaning will differ from getting dental implants. Even young children can receive safe and fast-acting laughing gas. Prior to your treatment, we’ll let you know exactly what to expect from your chosen method of sedation.

What sedation options are available to me?

We offer three kinds of sedation: nitrous oxide (also called laughing gas), oral sedation in the form of a prescription pill, and IV sedation, which is administered intravenously. We’ll help you choose the kind of sedation that will work best for you. Among other factors, we’ll consider your medical history, your anxiety level, and the type of procedure you’re undergoing.

Are your sedation options safe?

Yes, we only use safe, time-tested sedation options. In fact, laughing gas is so mild and gentle, it is even safe to use on kids. Our oral sedation uses only medications that are approved by the FDA. It is a reliable and predictable way to help nervous patients relax and get beneficial dental care. Dr. Burch has special training that allows him to administer IV sedation, a service often not available from many general dentists.

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