You’ve probably taken your teeth for granted for much of your life. But if you’ve lost a lot of teeth or wear dentures, you probably no longer do. You miss the ability to smile without a second thought and eat whatever you want. If that’s the case, implant dentures can make a huge improvement in your quality of life. 

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In the meantime, see some of the life-changing things you can expect from these teeth replacements:

  • Keep Your Teeth in Place – If you wear regular dentures, you probably find you need adhesive Even then, your teeth can shift and move out of place. After your dentist places implants in your jaw, they fuse to the bone. So when dentures (or other teeth replacements like crowns or bridges) are attached to them, they won’t come loose. 
  • Keep Your Jaw in Great Shape – When you lose teeth, you also lose their roots. Without roots, your jaw no longer gets the stimulation that encourages new bone growth. Your jaw shrinks and, over time, your face gets a sunken-in look. But dental implants function like natural tooth roots. So they provide that stimulation. Your face will stay fuller and look younger. 
  • Eliminate Sore Spots – In addition to the embarrassment that can result in public settings, loose dentures can also create uncomfortable friction. Since implants keep your teeth firmly in place, you won’t have sore spots. 
  • Give You More Chewing Power – Regular dentures give you the ability to chew food, but they simply don’t provide the chewing power you had before. Because of this, most dentures wearers find themselves avoiding certain foods. In contrast, implant dentures give you a bite that is nearly as strong as what you experienced with natural teeth. Eat whatever you’d like! 
  • Simplify Your Oral Hygiene – Some dental implant dentures snap into place on top of implants. They are removable for daily cleaning. Others are secured to implants with a sturdy bar. While your dentist can remove them if advanced maintenance is needed, you keep them clean with simple brushing and flossing. Your dentist will explain the options and help you decide which one is right for you. 

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