If you’re like many people, you probably drink more water in the summer. Water is certainly a better option than beverages like soda. But it might not be the best choice, if you decide to drink flavored water instead of plain H2O. Surprisingly, that kind of water can hurt your teeth. 

As you’ll see if you watch this short video, water can contain acidic flavorings. Citric acid and similar substances can be hard on your teeth. They soften your enamel and cause it to wear away over time. This makes your teeth more sensitive and also more susceptible to decay. If your enamel thins enough, your teeth will begin to look yellow. 

So do you have to avoid these kinds of drinks? It’s a good idea to limit the amount you consume. Plain water is always best. As the video suggests, it’s best to have flavored waters with a meal. The saliva you produce while chewing and eating helps wash away the acids.

You can also make your own flavored water at home. Instead of adding acidic fruits like lemon or berries, try slices of melon or cucumber. Or use herbs like mint or basil.

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