Bad breath is never a good sign, especially when you have it in a chronic form. In those instances it often means that something else is problematic about your oral health. Undiagnosed gum disease is one such culprit. Regardless of what is going on in your case, we can help you work through it so that your smile can return to a healthier, fresh-feeling condition. Keep reading to hear some tips for preventing bad breath, and then make plans to visit Dr. Burch and our team by calling Copperfield Dentistry at 281-643-0316 or using our online form

Skip The Mints

Yes, mints make your breath seem fresh for a hot minute after they are eaten. The problem is that mints are typically loaded with sugar. Once the mint has dissolved in your mouth, all that stays behind is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria that has been contributing to your bad breath problems in the first place. 

Reconsider Your Hygiene Routine

Are you keeping up with your home care? Brushing and rinsing with mouthwash is a good place to start. Flossing is also an essential component of your routine. You should be flossing twice a day or more to drive bacteria out from the hard-to-get areas in-between your teeth. That is often where the bad breath stems from.

Stay Hydrated

Water is such a great thing for your body and a great thing to drink in order to ward off bad breath. Here’s the reason: saliva naturally eliminates bacteria in your mouth that is causing the bad breath. In order for saliva to be produced, you need to drink enough water. If you can find water with fluoride that is better yet!

Visit Us Often

We will be here to provide you with those ever-important dental checkups during which we will provide you with professional teeth cleanings and oral exams to assess the overall condition of your mouth, and check for problems, while offering affordable solutions to whatever you may be dealing with, including bad breath. Visit Dr. Burch and our team by calling Copperfield Dentistry at 281-643-0316 or using our online form.