Sure, there are haunted houses, scary movies and costumes, and even harmless little pranks many of us enjoy this time of year.

But when something actually goes wrong with your teeth at Halloween, it can truly feel like a night of fright!

If you reach out to our team at Copperfield Dentistry in Houston, TX for emergency dental care, we will do everything we can to set up the earliest appointment for fast, effective treatment to fix your smile.

Halloween Can Be A Scary Time For Teeth!

Unexpected dental problems can happen to anyone at any time, but Halloween can be an especially busy time for dental emergencies. With trick-or-treating mishaps such as tripping over a bulky costume or on a dimly-lit curb or sidewalk to biting down the wrong way on a piece of candy, someone in your family could easily suffer dental damage and need help fast.

As long as you’re prepared, and you remember to give us a call, you’ll be able to handle a dental emergency with ease.

How To Handle A Dental Emergency

The first rule of thumb in any emergency is to stay calm. Keeping a cool head will help you take the necessary steps to save your smile. One of the ways you can avoid panic is to go ahead and save our number in your phone contacts so searching for an emergency dentist won’t become another stressful part of an unexpected dental problem.

Next, it helps to know what qualifies as an actual dental emergency, so here are some of the most common issues that we recommend treating right away:

  • A toothache that pain relievers don’t seem to help
  • An infected or abscessed tooth
  • Pain or difficulty chewing your food
  • A broken or lost dental restoration
  • A loose, broken, or damaged tooth

Call Us When You Need Help!

One of the things you don’t have to worry about in a dental emergency is where to find help.

Your friends at Copperfield Dentistry make emergency appointments a priority whenever possible, often arranging your visit the same day that you call.

That’s because we care about our patients and never want you to suffer from painful or embarrassing dental problems for days while you wait for a spot to open up.

It’s just another way we put you and your family’s oral health needs first.

Call Copperfield Dentistry right away at 281-643-0316 for help with an unexpected problem with your teeth, or you can request an appointment in Houston, TX.