We’ve told you before that advanced gum disease can cause some pretty serious dental repercussions, including tooth loss. But it can hurt your overall health too. You need to keep your gums healthy to avoid problems like heart disease.

Watch this video from the British Heart Foundation to see how gum disease can cause problems for your heart. If bacteria get into your bloodstream, they can travel from your mouth to other areas of your body, including your heart. The inflammation that can result can damage blood vessels, causing or worsening coronary heart disease. These bacteria can also cause endocarditis, a serious infection of the heart’s inner lining. 

This sounds pretty serious – and it is. But fortunately, you can prevent gum disease with daily flossing and brushing and regular cleanings and exams at our northwest Houston office. Reversing the disease in its early stages also keeps bacteria from getting into your bloodstream. We offer treatments including scaling and root planing, laser therapy, and topical antibiotics to get rid of gum disease

We’ll inspect your mouth for signs of gum disease at every exam. But call Copperfield Dentistry ASAP at 281-643-0316 if you notice bleeding gums, chronic bad breath, gums that appear red instead of pink, or other symptoms of disease.