Being afraid of the dentist isn’t uncommon. People can feel anxious about getting the dental care they need because they have had a negative experience in the past. That’s why Copperfield Dentistry in Houston, TX, offers three levels of sedation to help ease your anxiety during your treatment and make it fly by.

Our oral conscious sedation, inhaled sedation (laughing gas), or IV sedation make our patients feel at ease and pain-free, making your procedure practically forgettable. Sedation can also be helpful if you need to have more than one procedure done in one sitting.

So, don’t skip dental care and neglect your oral health because you feel anxious. Contact Copperfield Dentistry in Houston, TX, for essential dental care and ease your dental anxiety with safe sedation choices. 

Get the smile of your dreams and call Copperfield Dentistry in Houston, TX today at 281-643-0316 for an appointment or schedule online.