It’s October. If you don’t already, you’ll probably have lots of candy in your house soon. That can be a problem, as too much candy isn’t good for your family’s teeth. Fortunately, though, making smart candy picks can lessen negative effects on their smiles. 

This short video offers lists of five good candies and five bad ones. As your dentist, we agree with their choices. Chocolate is almost always the best option for your smile. That’s because it melts and washes away easily from teeth. So chocolate is less likely to cause cavities. Sticky treats, like the ones mentioned in the video, are bad for teeth. They really cling to your molars, which can cause all kinds of dental problems. 

Halloween kicks off a sugary season, with Thanksgiving and Christmas in the coming months. If you have kids or cavity-prone adults in your household, you may want to consider fluoride and/or dental sealants. These preventive services give you added protection against decay.

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