It’s not too late to make some resolutions for the New Year! Many folks focus on resolutions that aim to improve their health, like losing weight or getting more exercise. As your dentist, we hope you’ll pledge to stop smoking. If you do this in 2024, you will improve your oral health as well as your overall health. 

Call us today at 281-643-0316 to schedule a dental cleaning in Houston, TX. After a thorough professional cleaning, your mouth will feel super fresh. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to keep it that way by not smoking. 

It can also be inspiring to see the many ways that your body will benefit. This short video mentions many of them. Your smile will certainly improve in some obvious ways:

  • You’ll be less susceptible to cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer.
  • You won’t suffer from chronic dry mouth or bad breath.
  • Your teeth won’t have the yellow look that comes from nicotine. 

Let us help you improve your oral health in 2024! Call Copperfield Dentistry at 281-643-0316 to schedule a dental cleaning or other service. You can also schedule online.