If you’re like many of us, you’re probably grateful for the cooler weather that’s coming soon. Along with the fall breeze comes the changing leaves. Just because the leaves are changing colors, though, doesn’t mean your teeth have to! Stop your teeth from continuing down their path of becoming more yellow or stained. You can whiten your teeth in Houston with ease.

We offer three ways to whiten teeth depending on the condition of your smile and what you want to accomplish with your whitening treatment. To find out which one is best for you, keep reading and then call 281-643-0316 to talk to Dr. Burch about your options.

Teeth Whitening Offers A Quick Solution

Our patients’ go-to for whitening their teeth is our professional whitening system. That’s because it’s:

  • Affordable – You don’t have to pay a lot to make a dramatic difference in your smile. Although our whitening costs more than store-bought whitening, it works far better and faster.
  • Reliable – You won’t have to keep reapplying messy whitening strips from the drugstore hoping to see great results. Our professional-strength deep bleaching works for almost anyone, thanks to its higher-strength active ingredients. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re a good candidate for it first and can offer other options if not.
  • Safe – Unlike whitening from the store, we use digital impressions to create custom whitening trays that ensure the gel stays on your teeth, not gums. This helps eliminate gum sensitivity, and the solution itself contains potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity.
  • Quick – In as few as three days, you’ll see a smile that’s several shades brighter. That’s hard to accomplish with store-bought products. You can stop when you’ve reached the shade you desire.
  • Convenient – With trays you take home, you can whiten your teeth when it’s convenient for you. We’ll give you what you need and talk you through your unique process. You can always call if you have questions, too. You can also use the trays to touch up as needed.

Even though our professional bleaching goes deep to eliminate stains, some people with certain types of stains may need another whitening option. If you want to fix other problems at the same time, you might consider one of the following instead, too.

Dental Bonding Whitens & Repairs Teeth

Bonding may be a good choice for teeth with intrinsic stains and other flaws too, like chips or cracks. It works on stains like those caused by taking some types of antibiotics. We can use the same material we do for tooth-colored fillings, a composite resin. We’ll match it to your tooth color, sculpt it over the stained and damaged teeth, cure it so that it hardens, and polish it so that it blends in with your other teeth.

Cosmetic bonding lasts longer than whitening, often a few years. But it’s done on a tooth-by-tooth basis rather than all at once. Still, it can be done in one visit, and the bonus is that you’re fixing multiple issues with one treatment.

Dental Veneers Whiten & Conceal Flaws

What if you want permanent whitening? Although there’s no solution that can keep your teeth white for your lifetime, veneers can come close. With high-quality ceramic veneers like those we offer, you could have white teeth for one or two decades, maybe longer with great upkeep.

Like bonding, veneers are dual purpose and cover whatever is underneath – cracks, chips, and more. We can also shape them to your liking if you want to fix gaps between teeth, short teeth, or misshapen teeth.

Our veneers are made from beautiful, durable ceramic that we shade to match your other teeth. If you want a set of veneers, though, you can whiten your teeth first. Then we can match your veneers to your bright smile.

We pride ourselves on veneers that look natural. You won’t need to worry about them looking like Chiclets or fake teeth with Dr. Burch’s artistic eye and expertise.

Ready to whiten your teeth in Houston? Let us help you choose the best whitening option for you. To meet with Dr. Burch, call us today at 281-643-0316 or request your consultation online.